About Us

 Our Lady of Grace Sports Mission Statement

The objective of the Our Lady of Grace athletic program is to provide opportunities
for our children to develop physical fitness, self discipline, mental alertness and an attitude of good sportsmanship based on Christian principles of fair play and cooperation under well organized and properly supervised forms of athletics.

Our youth are brought together, possibly from different schools and social backgrounds, in an atmosphere
that fosters the recognition of their strengths and limitations, the lessons of winning and losing and, respect for others

The Do’s and Dont’s for Our Lady of Grace Sports 

The Do’s

Do cheer for your team Do show interest, enthusiasm, and support for your child Do be in control of your emotions.

Do help when asked by coaches or officials.

Do thank the coaches, officials, and other volunteers who conducted the event.

Do pick-up any debris in the spectator and other areas. 

The Dont’s

DO NOT leave the spectator area during competitions.

DO NOT advise the coach on how to coach.

DO NOT try to coach your child during the contest.

DO NOT make derogatory comments to players, parents, officials or coaches of either team.

DO NOT leave your or anyone elses debris in the spectator area.


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